Thursday, January 17, 2008

A project and some sad news....

Hello all.... tomorrow is my last final and semester grades will be out. Boy, what a week. So many tests to study for and lots going on at home with the new puppies.

I wanted to show you a project that I made for my cousin that lives in Wisconsin. I always call her my princess and she loves dress up stuff :)

In the picture is a frame that I am going to put a picture of her and her new sister and then a mirror. I made sure it had lots of bling to it :)

And now some sad news...... I was wondering why my mom was already up when I woke up for school and why she looked so tired, but she said that she could not sleep. After school she told me that early this morning one of the puppies passed away. She is taking it sooo hard. As she will tell you, the puppies are her babies and if something ever happened to them she would be heart broken. Now my mom is doing everything herself now. She is bottle feeding the puppies and Bonny (mother) is now not with them. Bonny had a very hard time with this litter and we are not sure now if the puppies were getting enough food. So be sure, we are now bottle feeding them. The other three seem to be doing ok right now. They have had alot more energy since starting the bottle feeding, so that is a good sign. My mom and step dad buried our little girl, so now she is sleeping peacefully. I miss her already. if you saw the earlier post with the picture of the 4 of them, she is the spotted one in the left hand corner.

If you are still reading this, I THANK YOU SOOOOO much for letting me get this out :) I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!! My mom and I have crafts planned for this whole holiday weekend, so I will have lots to show you throughout the whole lovely weekend!!!!!


Tara W. said...

sorry for your lose of the puppy. they are so cute! i knew right away that they were miniture dachasunds. i have one and he is the best dog ever! i would love to get another one someday.
love the cute project too. cant wait to see what up coming projects you have.

Lorie said...

What a cute gift! I'm so sorry about the puppy. That is so yucky!

mochamama said...

So sorry about the puppy, it's heart breaking because they truly are a part of one's family!
Good luck on your last final, I know you will do great.
Your niece is very lucky to have such a creative abd loving Aunt!

Patty W said... sorry sweetie!

How nice of you to send some things to your cousin ! Very nice!