Thursday, January 23, 2014

As A Kick Off for the Re-Opening!!!!

Ok, I know that it has been a long time since i have posted anything, so to start off, I decided to do a movie review for the the newst Disney movie "Frozen".

I would like to start out by saying that this movie was way too cute! I mean, I know I'm a huge Disney fan and all but seriously. I normally dont go tto the movies, but i am really glad that I went with one of my really good friends. This is defiantly a movie that I would recommend to anyone to go see. And even worth going to see again :) This movie gave a whole new meaning to an act of true love. So for all of the princesses out there, that doesn't just mean a kiss from your one true love, lol.

Well that's all for now everyone. Hope to see you guys again!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Know it Has Been Forever!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!

I know I haven't posted anything since I was in seventh grade, but now that I'm in college, I thought it might be fun to start blogging again!!! :) Between a lot of different art and craft ideas that I have been having lately, I'm hoping that I can get this site up and running again!! 

Thank you guys and I hope to see you guys here more often again. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I am away.....

Oh my gosh!!!! It just found out that I was on Nicole's Blog for Honorable Mention :)

I had soooo many things I have be working on for the blog and posts. I have been away for an very unexpected trip to Oklahoma for my mom's aunts funeral. We pretty much picked up and left quick. It was a 18 hour drive and we did it straight thru barely stopping. We have had no interent service until we went to McDonalds for breakfast this morning. As soon as we return, the will be many new annocements that new things happening on my blog. Stayed tuned........

I have missed all of you very much. I hope everyone is doing very well :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What a blast.......

I had last night during PaperTrey's "Blog Hop". There were so many projects and wonderful inspiration :) I can not wait until the next one!!!

Today I wanted to show you the birthday card for my great-grandmother birthday. I am not sure if you can tell, it is a transparency card. I adhered the white cardstock to the back piece of the transparency. I got this idea from Nicole when she made a card like this during "Women of Life" countdown. I just changed a couple of this and used the present instead of the flowers.

This is gonna be short right now. I have been staring at the computer screen for a long time since "Blog Hop" started. I need to relax my eyes, hehehe.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got my REALLY cool glasses today!!!! I am happy. They are "red" Converse glasses, hehehe and I even have a matching case. I will have to get a picture of them. I was so glad my mom let me get them. I even have the transitional lens and anti-scratch something over the lens :) I really like them, just a little to get used to. The eye doctor says that my long distance is bad, so I them to read the blackboard in front of the class and computer work, he also said I have a slight astigmatism (not really sure what that is, but I am positive it is gonna be a word that I am gonna HAVE to look up :)

I hope everyone has a good Saturday!!!! I will see you back here tomorrow.

Friday, April 25, 2008

PaperTrey April "Blog Hop"

I saw this last month, but did not get a chance to participate. So this month, I made sure I signed up early :) You can read the rules for this months "Blog Hop" here. Nichole made a special paper file with the different pattern paper from this months release :) After looking at it, I could NOT cute it into pieces, it looked so cool just the way it was :)

I wanted to combine 2 things (sewing & stamping) that I enjoy doing on this card to my Grandpa for Father's Day. I felt it was more me into this card by doing that :)

This card measures 3.25" x 6.5". First I layered the special pattern paper on the new Summer Sunrise and then I finally tried sewing on a card. But unfortunately the sewing machine did not want to work well for me, so I just used it to pierce holes and then I connected to dots with a brown pin. I think it came out just fine, I actually think I like it better than with the thread anyways, lol!!!

I got to use my "special" made "Grandpa" (you can read this post, & this post on how I did this, it was my WhoooHooo moment, hehehe). I used the tree from "Father Knows Best", somehow the ink on the tree trunk came out looking grainy, which I guess is a good thing, since it looks more like a tree trunk, but I have not idea how I did it, LOL!!! For a little dimension, I added a few more circles with dimensionals, but they are stamped on Nichole Special Paper.

I did not want to leave the inside blank, so I stamped the sentiment "Happy Fathers Day" and put that on the inside.

I really enjoyed this challenge, THANKS NICOLE!!!!!

So, my Father's Day cards are complete. Yipppeeee!!!!!

I hope you all have a very good Friday, I will see you tomorrow with more alter items and a new card set. I am having fun making sets right now :)

Quick & Easy Notebooks

My mom and I went to the Dollar Tree last weekend and I got to stock up on some cool things to alter :) I got sooo much stuff and I only spend $20 (or maybe I should say my mom spend $20, LOL!!)

I found these cute composition books, 4 for $1. You can't beat that!!!

Here is what they looked like before:

And here is the after. I left the white square blank for now until I know who they are going to , so I can put their name on it. These little books would be perfect for your purse to write notes in them while you are on the go :)

Make sure to come back today at 5pm EST, it is "Blog Hop" with PaperTrey :) This is gonna be fun!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Groovy Card Set


I hope everyone is having a good week :)

For today's card, I used Groovy Brideabella, Stampin Up's Paper Pack(hostess, I think) and PaperTrey's White cardstock & Berry Sorbet ribbon & ink for the sentiment.

I actually used a new technique that I have not tried before, paper piecing :) I paper pieced her purse and pants. I color her top with Copics. I tried putting color for her hair on a few other images that I stamped, but they were not turning out right, so I scratched those and just added Stickles to her veil and ring.

I made 10 of these cards, to give as a set, but I just do not know anyone that is getting married :(