Saturday, April 26, 2008

What a blast.......

I had last night during PaperTrey's "Blog Hop". There were so many projects and wonderful inspiration :) I can not wait until the next one!!!

Today I wanted to show you the birthday card for my great-grandmother birthday. I am not sure if you can tell, it is a transparency card. I adhered the white cardstock to the back piece of the transparency. I got this idea from Nicole when she made a card like this during "Women of Life" countdown. I just changed a couple of this and used the present instead of the flowers.

This is gonna be short right now. I have been staring at the computer screen for a long time since "Blog Hop" started. I need to relax my eyes, hehehe.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got my REALLY cool glasses today!!!! I am happy. They are "red" Converse glasses, hehehe and I even have a matching case. I will have to get a picture of them. I was so glad my mom let me get them. I even have the transitional lens and anti-scratch something over the lens :) I really like them, just a little to get used to. The eye doctor says that my long distance is bad, so I them to read the blackboard in front of the class and computer work, he also said I have a slight astigmatism (not really sure what that is, but I am positive it is gonna be a word that I am gonna HAVE to look up :)

I hope everyone has a good Saturday!!!! I will see you back here tomorrow.

Friday, April 25, 2008

PaperTrey April "Blog Hop"

I saw this last month, but did not get a chance to participate. So this month, I made sure I signed up early :) You can read the rules for this months "Blog Hop" here. Nichole made a special paper file with the different pattern paper from this months release :) After looking at it, I could NOT cute it into pieces, it looked so cool just the way it was :)

I wanted to combine 2 things (sewing & stamping) that I enjoy doing on this card to my Grandpa for Father's Day. I felt it was more me into this card by doing that :)

This card measures 3.25" x 6.5". First I layered the special pattern paper on the new Summer Sunrise and then I finally tried sewing on a card. But unfortunately the sewing machine did not want to work well for me, so I just used it to pierce holes and then I connected to dots with a brown pin. I think it came out just fine, I actually think I like it better than with the thread anyways, lol!!!

I got to use my "special" made "Grandpa" (you can read this post, & this post on how I did this, it was my WhoooHooo moment, hehehe). I used the tree from "Father Knows Best", somehow the ink on the tree trunk came out looking grainy, which I guess is a good thing, since it looks more like a tree trunk, but I have not idea how I did it, LOL!!! For a little dimension, I added a few more circles with dimensionals, but they are stamped on Nichole Special Paper.

I did not want to leave the inside blank, so I stamped the sentiment "Happy Fathers Day" and put that on the inside.

I really enjoyed this challenge, THANKS NICOLE!!!!!

So, my Father's Day cards are complete. Yipppeeee!!!!!

I hope you all have a very good Friday, I will see you tomorrow with more alter items and a new card set. I am having fun making sets right now :)

Quick & Easy Notebooks

My mom and I went to the Dollar Tree last weekend and I got to stock up on some cool things to alter :) I got sooo much stuff and I only spend $20 (or maybe I should say my mom spend $20, LOL!!)

I found these cute composition books, 4 for $1. You can't beat that!!!

Here is what they looked like before:

And here is the after. I left the white square blank for now until I know who they are going to , so I can put their name on it. These little books would be perfect for your purse to write notes in them while you are on the go :)

Make sure to come back today at 5pm EST, it is "Blog Hop" with PaperTrey :) This is gonna be fun!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Groovy Card Set


I hope everyone is having a good week :)

For today's card, I used Groovy Brideabella, Stampin Up's Paper Pack(hostess, I think) and PaperTrey's White cardstock & Berry Sorbet ribbon & ink for the sentiment.

I actually used a new technique that I have not tried before, paper piecing :) I paper pieced her purse and pants. I color her top with Copics. I tried putting color for her hair on a few other images that I stamped, but they were not turning out right, so I scratched those and just added Stickles to her veil and ring.

I made 10 of these cards, to give as a set, but I just do not know anyone that is getting married :(

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Be back later today.....

The card I was going to post today, I can not post until Friday :( I will be back after school to day with a different project. I just did not have time to upload the photos.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whoooooo Hooooooo!!!!!!!!

HELLO!!!!!!! You will never guess what I did!!!!

Can you tell I am soooo almost beyond can not talk (or type), LOL!!!! My mom ordered all the new stuff from PaperTrey and it came today. After school I was going thru it all and wanted to start on my Father Day's cards.

Now comes I bit of a story, hehehe. I have only really have my mom since my dad past away almost 6 years ago, so I have not really made Father Days cards. I guess that is why when I see all the Mother/Daughter stuff I go for that stuff since it just fits me better. Then I started realizing that I have 2 other guys in my life and they REALLY help me in every way. These two guys are my Step-dad and my Grandfather. So this year I am making them each a very special card for Father's Day to show them both how much they mean to me. Tomorrow, I will show you may grandfathers card :)

But today, you get to see what I came up with. I liked the sentiments from the new "Father Knows Best", but it did not have the right sentiment for me, to show father & daughter. I asked my mom what can I do? And do you know her reply?

"Mom, do we have a stamp that says "Father" that matches this "Daughter" stamp from "Women in Life"? "

"No, JoAnna, but I am sure we have SOMETHING you can use. Do you see our craft room, you have EVERYTHING you could want in this room" :)

Lol, do you see where this is going, she ALWAYS makes me look up words that I do not understand and will make me sit there until something clicks in my head for tests. I know she is doing it to help me, but come on, sometimes I want some of the answers without having to sit there FOREVER until I figure it out :) I guess that is the kid in me, right?

Ok....enough typing JoAnna and get on with it, hehehehehe........ And here is the card my Step-Dad is getting for Father's Day!!!!!

Can you read it? I hope you all can. It says"it is not flesh & blood, but the heart that makes us.... FATHER & DAUGHTER"

Whoooooo Hoooooooo, I did it!!!!!!

And now you ask how I did it, right? Well I get to tell you. I found a "F" for Friend and just inked the "f" and then stamped it, next I used grandma and just inked the"a" and then I took mother and inked just the "ther". Whooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!! There you have I made my own "Father" that matched the "Daughter" in the set :)

My mom said she was proud of me.... I think she cried, she liked it so much and even better I figured out how the two sets fit my life :) The only down side it took me 2 hours to figure it out, LOL!!!!!! I guess the 2 hours was time well spent!!!!

Ok, see you all later, I am VERY tired and need to get some sleep for school tomorrow, wait, this post is not going up until tomorrow morning, LOL!!!! I will be back after school today :)

Whooooo Hooooo!!!!! Ok, I am sorry, I am just so happy that I could make something that fits perfect!!!

Real Quick....I figured something else out!!!!

I used the "grandma" & "friend" stamp from "Women In Life" The "p" is a upside down "d" on the friend stamp and then the "a" & "grand" is from the "grandma" stamp!!!!

Sorry if the picture is blurry, I did not have enough time to retake the photo, I will try to get a better on e after school.
Ok, now I really will see you all later today!!!! I hope you have a good day!!

Two posts in one day!!!!!!

I have something else I wanted to show you :) When I saw the new designer paper, I thought some of the patterns looks like guys dress shirts :) I was not the only one, Debbie Olson said the same thing. I wanted to try and make a tie. That was not easy, these things are SMALL!!!! I knew that a shirt and tie is not complete until it has a knot at the top. Tricky I tell ya :) But the easiest way I found was I took a small left over piece (1/4") and top both ends to the center so they meet. That gives you a fold on the top and bottom to make it more finished looking. I then just stuck it under the collar. The collar was not glued downed so you can slip the paper under it so it stays :)

This first picture is the one I made first, but after looking at the pictures, I noticed you can not see the difference in the "tie" & "knot", so the second picture I used a different color scrap piece and did the same thing, just to show you how it looks :)

Here is the second picture, to show the difference in the two pieces.

I hope I explained it ok. If you have any questions, please leave a comment here or email me :)


Monday, April 21, 2008

A quick & easy card set :)

I wanted to start making some card sets that I can package up and give them as gifts :) I haven't used this Bella yet, so I thought I start with her. I am really trying to use the ones that have not been used yet!

This first picture is all my supplies are cut out ready to be put together. The Bella was colored using Copics. The stamp set is PaperTrey's Anniversary set. The picture shows the slit punch from Stampin Up, but once I got them assembled it would not fit where I wanted the hole to be, so I used the Crop A Dile Big Bite instead.

And here is the finished card. The designer paper used bought from Joann's and I cute them 2 1/2" x 5 1/2". The hole is punched thru the front of the card, so when you open it, you will see some of the ribbon also (just a little added touch to the inside). The charm was purchased from Stamping Bella, to match the Bella image.

Here is a picture of the whole set of 10. It really did not take that long to put these together. Everything was cut and ready to go. I think I am loving this mass producing concept :)

I hope you enjoyed this set. I had alot of fun making it too :) Tomorrow, I have something planned for you all. I have been working on adding somethings to my blog as you all requested :) I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I have a quick post to share with you!!!

I want to you all to meet our puppies!!!!! They are 14 weeks now and they are growing fast and getting their own personalities :) They are so much fun.

This is "Dottie". She is sooooo cute!!!! She is such a love bug. She loves to be held and cuddled with. Dottie looks just like "Buddy" (their dad).

And this is "Minnie". She is alot smaller than her sister, but can hold her own :) She loves to hop around like a bunny rabbit, tooo cute!!! Minnie looks like "Bonny" (their mom).

They (of course) is getting spoiled rotten, LOL!!!!!

Ok, I am off to finish responding to my emails. I just had to show you these cute picture my mom got of them :) See you all tomorrow!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I hope you do not get bored with this post......

LOL!!!!! I have no idea where my week went :) It flew by and all I remember doing was State Testing at school and the eye doctor (not fun).

I have so much to tell you.....first off, I have lots of emails from you all and I am trying to get thru them by the end of this weekend. Everyone is so good to me :) And, I want to say I am Sorry and please don't get mad at me for this. The winners from the giveaways were boxed up and ready to be mailed, but I forgot to give them to my mom to mail them :( She saw them in my room this week and was shocked!! All she has been doing is work, work and more work. Debbi (her boss) found out the her cancer is back and she is going thru the giving up point. My mom is trying to help and making sure her spirits are up. She is at the hospital again and it is a few hours away, so it is hard to go see her. I did get a card mailed to her so I hope it will put a smile on her face real soon :) Opps...I started rambling, hehehe... the winners... all your goodies were mailed and be on the look out :)

I had a bit of time to play late last night and I wanted to try Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge. I wanted to try and make my own pattern paper, so I used PaperTrey's Anniversary set, that we rec'd in the mail this week. The small butterfly is from Ali's Wedding set over at PaperTrey. The turquoise cardstock is from Stampin Up, and the Berry Sorbet & White is from PaperTrey. The ribbon is also Berry Sorbet grosgrain ribbon.

So, since I made the pattern paper, I cut it up in different sizes. I still have pieces that I will be putting them into cards also. Here is the second card I made. All the supplies are the same as the first just a different arrangement. The ribbon for this card is a white sheer polka dot.

I will be back tomorrow, with more altered stuff and some more sketch challenges that I have been wanting to try :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

What a weekend......

we had :) It started on Friday my mom, aunt, and 2 cousins picked me up after school so we run errands. The next day (Saturday) was my Great-Grandma's 90th birthday party. All I can say is that is was CRAZY!!!!!! There were so many people from the family that was there. 8 of my great-grandma's kids were there, with there kids and there kids and there kids. Do you see a pattern, LOL!!!!!! I will have to have my mom email a picture that we got with a group shot :) It was alot of fun tho. Most of the people that were there I have never met or it has been 8+ years since we have seen them. So it was fun just to play with the other kids that were there. My Great-Grandma had a great time, I could tell she was just enjoying her family :) Then on Sunday, my mom, aunt, & 2 cousins and me went to Joann's and Target to shop, then after my aunt and cousins had to leave to go home, my mom & I did crafts together. It was nice to sit there and talk and play with new toys :)

Ok, so that was my weekend. How was yours? Hopefully you got some time to craft :)

I was able to read thru Nicol's blog yesterday and found the different sketches she did with 5 different cards. I so had to try it. We have SOOOOO many scrap pieces if DP, so I thought it was the perfect way to use some of them up. This card I used different pinks and greens. I rubbed Berry Sorbet ink on the edges to add a little color. The ribbon I got at Michael's and I used Stampin Up word window punch. The sentiment is from PaperTrey's Anniversary Set that if you bought 12+ different stamp sets then they set this set to you. I also used the images on a different card that I will be sharing with you tomorrow. They are so pretty :) Can you tell, I am in LOVE with PaperTrey, hehehehe.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cute Little Project

Oooooooo.......RUN to Micheal's :) LOL!!!! We have so many of these little canvas pictures that my mom found at Michael's for $1. She got them for my cousin's to paint while at our house. After I saw what Amy Westerman did with hers, I KNEW I had to try one out. I will definitely be doing alot more of these cute little pictures.

I also have been altering lots of stuff for you :) See, I do listen to you all, hehehehehe.

I took a picture of the front and back before I touched it, so you can see what they looked like. I used Modpodge to adhere the designer paper to it and then put some over the paper before I really started decorating it.

I used PaperTrey's new designer paper, my mom LOVES the new colors, so I have been trying to use it for projects for her to hang in the craft room area. I punched the flowers using Stampin Up's flower punches. I also distressed all the edges using Berry Sorbet from PaperTrey Ink. For some added sparkle, I used colored crystals that I attached using Crystal Effects. I almost forgot, this canvas is 5"x5" and the white square is 3.5"x3.5". If you have any questions, pleasse email me or leave a comment :)

Now my mom can add a picture and hang it up :)

I hope you enjoyed this altered project, I have sooo many more to show you, that I hope you will not get bored with it all :)

What I have been up to :)

I so have not wanted to be away from you all this long :) I have so missed reading your comments. I have been finishing up another quarter at school!!!

I received my report card in the mail yesterday!!!! I was sooo excited to see it. I have been working extra hard this quarter to bring up all my grades, and I DID!!!

World History-A

Whoooo Hooooo..... 5 A's and 3 B's :)

I also have been working on some altered projects for you as requested, hehehehe. I hope you will like them. They are so much fun and easy, and I am sure that is the best part :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beate's Be Inspired Challenge #7

Oh, my gosh.... I LOVED the picture Beate used to be inspired by here.

I had some metal sheets that I used copper embossing powder on. I stamped PaperTrey Ink's butterfly on the back side and then cut them out. I used Stampin Up's Chocolate Chip & Taken with Teal cardstock. The ribbon was from Michael's and then I added Prima flowers.

I hope you enjoy this card. It was WAY different to use metal on a card, but I really liked how it turned out.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Inspiration Email

I wanted to show you an email I got, I really have no words at the moment, I am so stunned and grateful and crying all at once. The person & her daughters that wrote this to me, made my day and I will NEVER forget this :)

(I took out the names, cause I am not sure if I can, I will change it if she allows me to)

Here is the email:

Dear Joanna,
I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you are to my daughters (I have three daughters "1" who is 8 ½, "2" who is 6 ½ and "3" who will be 4 in May.) "3" is always saying “pretty” to the screen when I show her some of your cards or projects. "1" and "2" love to come home from school and see if you have created anything new. "2" is not much of a crafter (she prefers to read or play with her dolls), however she likes to come and look at your blog and see what “beautiful things” you have created. "1" LOVES your blog and you have definitely inspired her. She loves to craft and I think by knowing that you are a kid too (much older though), she just thinks you are the tops. She has read about what a good student you are and how you enjoy school. She has been struggling a little bit in school and for some reason, knowing how much you try in school, has inspired her as well. So I owe you a big thanks! I guess my point is although your talent for making beautiful cards and other fun goodies is quite stunning, your other “stories” on your blog (about school, your family, and just how you spent the week) also has had such a wonderfully profound effect on my daughters. As I am sure you are learning, the power of Internet is strong, but the power of words are even stronger.

Thank you Joanna!!! Keep up the great work (in all that you do!).


P.S. I hope you are having a GREAT Birthday Week! !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!

Ok, there it is. I cried again re-reading this :) These girls are the best and knowing that I am helping them and we do not know each other personally makes my blog so much more special to me to have friends like this :)

I hope you all have a good rest of the day :)

Oh So Pretty Bella


Hello, I have been wanting to play around with some new Bellas that we have had for a little while and have not been used yet :)
For the layout I used Amy's sketch challenge. The ribbon is May Arts Ribbon and the cardstock is from Stampin Up (Pink Passion, I think) and PaperTrey's white cardstock. The DP is a paperpack from DCWV, it has sparklies on it, so pretty in person. Guess what I got to use to color her in with?
Yep...... COPICS!!!!!!! My mom got a set of these finally and I got to use them. Oh my gosh, is all I can say :) They color soooo smoothly and the colors are great!!!!
I hope everyone had fun with me last week celebrating my birthday!! I had such a great time. I started working on some tutorials and altered items for you all. I am not sure how the video works, but I will talk to my mom and see if she can figure it out so that I can learn.
Have a GREAT Tuesday!!!!!