Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pokemon Frame

Happy Wednesday!!!!

For today's post I made a frame with Pokemon cards. I got a frame from Michaels for a dollar. I had some Pokemon cards that I did not know what to do with so I decided to use ModgePodge and stick them in a random order to the frame. After the ModgePodge dried I trimmed all the edges and then used a sanding block to clean up the edges. I added glossy ModgePodge over the entire frame. It actually came out better than I thought it would. Instead of putting a picture on the inside, I added the left over cards in it. I think it would make the perfect gift for someone who loves Pokemon.

I still have that surprise for later today.........

1 comment:

Lorie said...

I think you are right...great gift for a Pokemon lover! Which my son is although he'd be horrified if I used any of his cards to do something like this! LOL! You are a great crafter girlie!!! :o)