Wednesday, October 3, 2007

And now for the SURPRISE...............

All of you are making my Blog wonderful!!! I am having a great time creating for you and seeing my vistors keep going up and up so quickly, that I am sooooo suprised.

I have decided to give back to all my readers. I am having a contest to name my "Blog Candy". You can enter as many times as you want, just please put your different answers in separate comments to be entered more times.

On Friday, October 12, midnight pacific time to enter then I will use the random number program to pick a number.

But it gets better.....there will be 2 winners, the "Blog Candy" name that I choose will also win. This is getting to be sooooo much fun.

And if there is at least 100 entries, I will have a 3rd winner. Pass this along to everyone you know and have fun and good luck to you all!!!!!

Hopefully sometime tomorrow I will have pictures of all the "Blog Candy". I need to get another one together (since I just added the 3rd), LOL!!!!!!

Please make sure you leave your name with your comment, so that I will have a name for the winner.


CAKVD said...

OK, here's what I've got:
Crafty Candy
Kiddie Kandy
Crafty Confections
Crafty Kid Candy Corn

Cheryl KVD

Kelley said...

I was going to say Kiddie Kandy, but now I see that's already posted! Hmmmm.....I'll have to think about it and try back.

I do like "Crafty Kid Candy Corn" from Cheryl. Great idea!

Joella said...

I like Crafty Kid Candy... Good Luck!

Ellen Sutton said...

Maybe Cute Crafty Candy!
You have a great blog!

Paula Spychala said...

How about JoAnna's Gems? Or JoAnna's Jems? I love those binder clips!

jodene said...

I m so bad at these. How about Jo Jo's Candy (instead of Jo Jo Circus. Yep, I have small children) Good luck finding your name.

Monica-FC said...

sweet crafty candy

you have some amaziing crafts here and cards.

Monica-FC said...

Confectioners Surprise

for some reason that one keeps coming up for me.

Cathy said...

Ok here goes my thoughts:

Crafty Snack

Fun Kid Candy

Crafty Surprise

Thanks for a chance.

Jan Scholl said...

this is so totally weird or stupid but how about Krafty Krunchberries.

Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

How about "Crafty Cremes" (better than Krispy Kremes any day!)
or "Crafty Curios"
or "Joanna's Gems" (ooops... now I am seeing someone typed that -- good for them!)
or "Crafty Caramels" (my daughter just LOVES caramels ;^)*
or "Creative Curios"
or "Joanna's Mojo Juice"

I'm gettin nuts...

Elaine said...

Crafty Concoctions

Elaine said...


Elaine said...

Caramel Candies

Elaine said...

koala candy

melissa roth said...

Crafty Taffy has a nice ring to it.

Thanks for a chance to win.

doverdi said...

How about:
JoAnna's Jube Jubes
JoAnna's Jawbreakers
JoAnna's Sweet Treats
JoAnna's Jewels
JoAnna's Candy-Coated Treats
JoAnna's Snacks
Candy-Coated Crafty Kids
Candy-Coated Pacifiers
Sugar-Coated Crafty Kids

That's about as good as I get this early in the morning. lol

Amy C. said...

You are one talented girl. I have shown your blog to my oldest dd (she is the crafty one) and now she wants to try out all your projects!

As for your blog candy name... I really like a lot of the names already given. Maybe JoAnna's Cool Kid Candy?

Lori said...

Wow! Lots of great names already taken. How about Treasure Treats? Hey, it's 8:30 on a Saturday morning and my 4 year old had me up at that's all you get. :)

Whimsey said...

WOW; those binder clips are just too cute - never would have thought of ANYTHING like that! Just found your site, referred by Emily G.; love your work!

Anonymous said...

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!
Scrumptous Treats
JoAnna's Sweet Treats
I love your site, you are a truly amazing young lady!

Good Luck in finding a name!
Bev (Rette Mom)

scfranson said...

You have a wonderful blog.
How about Jo's Treats.

Jailbird said...

Blog candy alternatives:

Sweet treats

Blog bonbons

Chatty candy

Rosella said...

I have not read all the suggestions, but here is mine:
Crafting Snacks

Anonymous said...

Grandpa was finally able to see your site and said he was really proud of you!!!
We also wanted to let you know that we like the title Julie left for your blog candy "JoAnna's Jems" because it reminds us of you since you are a such a gem.
Love Grandma and Grandpa

Shutterbug said...

Something sweet
A Little sweet
Sweets from the crafty Kid


Kristine said...

Let's see...
I think it has to be pretty clear that it's Blog Candy...while a fun name will be cute, you'll want new people to know it's still something they can win by commenting...sooo...

My Blog Candy Confection

Kristine said...

Creative Confection

Kristine said...

I really like the Joanna's Jems or Joanna's Jewels...

Adding just a little,
Joanna's Jewel Jackpot

Kristine said...

Joanna's Jem Jar

Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

Ha! In the middle of the night I thought "Crafty Taffy" and I see someone else did too ;^)*

Crafty Curls
Craft Candy
JoJo's Bon Bons
JoJo's Mojo

I want to keep on trying... I love this game!

Brenmarie said...

Sweet Scraps would be a cool name.

Brenda Waldner

Cindy Vernon said...

Crafty Sweets?

Beth said...

Krafty Kid Kandy
Kiddie Kandy
Kid Kandy Only (and aren't we all kids)
Krazy for Krafty Kid Kandy

Caren said...

You are such a talented kid! I am glad you are able to express it in your blog. Alot of people have come up with some great names but I think Crafty Candy or Crafty Sweets is a good name. Keep up the great work on your blog! Plop into favorites it goes! :)

Lorie said...

Crafty Kid's Cupcakes?
Crafty Kid's Confectionary?
Crafty Kid's Baubles?
Crafty Kid's Sweets?

Do any of those work for you? :o) Love your blog...I'm passing it on!

Jessica said...

How about.....

Blog Bling

Craft Bling

JoAnna Jewels

Craft Sprinkles


I will post your contest on my blog!! I hope you find one you like!!

chinamomxtwo said...

great blog and even better blog candy!
How about fantastic freebies?
Good Luck!

Alex said...

What a fun blog you have already JoAnna, well done to you and all from a School Project!!! lol

How about JACK's Treats
(ie JoAnna Crafty Kid) blimey I have even surprised myself with that one!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, sweetie! I cant really think of a name right now, not so crafty or imaginative. Just wanted to say that you are doing an awesome job with your site. Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you and am happy to come to your site and see all your crafty imaginative projects. Love and miss you.
Here is one maybe Precious treats, from my precious girl.
Aunt Carrie

Jenny said...

JoAnna, you are just a sweetie! I love your blog and I know your family is so proud of you. You're so talented at a young age. Keep up the good work and continue to be an inspiration to all of us! As far as the blog candy goes....anything you pick will be fitting!

Linda SS said...

Your quilts are just gorgeous, I really admire your talent because I know how much time and work goes into those. I'm not great at name-pickin', but how about an Art Tart.

Monica-FC said...

Crafty Treats