Monday, October 22, 2007

Pokemon Frame Update

I wanted to show you the coolest thing.

I made a Pokemon Frame earlier this month out of some extra cards that I had. I received a comment from Lorie about how much her son loves Pokemon and would no way let her make a frame out of his cards. I decided to email Lorie and find out if I could mail her son the frame as a gift, and guess what, she said yes!!!! So of course I had to ask my mom if she could mail it for me and of course she did. I saw a comment from Lorie that it arrived and she would put a picture of her son with it on her blog and here it is. Isn't Kyler the cutest? I love it. I made him smile BIG!!!!! That is so cool. Thanks Lorie!!!!!

Kyler, I am so glad you like the frame!!!!!!

1 comment:

Lorie said...

Yep! When Kyler cleaned his room last week he made a special place on his book shelf just for the frame and a couple of other treasured things! So now you know your artwork is treasured! Thanks are so sweet!