Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Real Quick....I figured something else out!!!!

I used the "grandma" & "friend" stamp from "Women In Life" The "p" is a upside down "d" on the friend stamp and then the "a" & "grand" is from the "grandma" stamp!!!!

Sorry if the picture is blurry, I did not have enough time to retake the photo, I will try to get a better on e after school.
Ok, now I really will see you all later today!!!! I hope you have a good day!!


Debbie Olson said...

JoAnna, I don't even really know you, but I really like you! Your mama is a wise lady, and you are so creative! I understand about taking a long time with something, but what you did here shows so much *heart,* and I hope that your Grandpa and Step-Dad treasure their cards. You GO girl!

Tina W. said...

What a clever way to make use of what you already have! Great job for thinking outside of the box. I'm certain that both your Grandpa and Step-Dad will appreciate those awesome cards you made! TFS!