Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two posts in one day!!!!!!

I have something else I wanted to show you :) When I saw the new designer paper, I thought some of the patterns looks like guys dress shirts :) I was not the only one, Debbie Olson said the same thing. I wanted to try and make a tie. That was not easy, these things are SMALL!!!! I knew that a shirt and tie is not complete until it has a knot at the top. Tricky I tell ya :) But the easiest way I found was I took a small left over piece (1/4") and top both ends to the center so they meet. That gives you a fold on the top and bottom to make it more finished looking. I then just stuck it under the collar. The collar was not glued downed so you can slip the paper under it so it stays :)

This first picture is the one I made first, but after looking at the pictures, I noticed you can not see the difference in the "tie" & "knot", so the second picture I used a different color scrap piece and did the same thing, just to show you how it looks :)

Here is the second picture, to show the difference in the two pieces.

I hope I explained it ok. If you have any questions, please leave a comment here or email me :)


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