Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Inspiration Email

I wanted to show you an email I got, I really have no words at the moment, I am so stunned and grateful and crying all at once. The person & her daughters that wrote this to me, made my day and I will NEVER forget this :)

(I took out the names, cause I am not sure if I can, I will change it if she allows me to)

Here is the email:

Dear Joanna,
I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you are to my daughters (I have three daughters "1" who is 8 ½, "2" who is 6 ½ and "3" who will be 4 in May.) "3" is always saying “pretty” to the screen when I show her some of your cards or projects. "1" and "2" love to come home from school and see if you have created anything new. "2" is not much of a crafter (she prefers to read or play with her dolls), however she likes to come and look at your blog and see what “beautiful things” you have created. "1" LOVES your blog and you have definitely inspired her. She loves to craft and I think by knowing that you are a kid too (much older though), she just thinks you are the tops. She has read about what a good student you are and how you enjoy school. She has been struggling a little bit in school and for some reason, knowing how much you try in school, has inspired her as well. So I owe you a big thanks! I guess my point is although your talent for making beautiful cards and other fun goodies is quite stunning, your other “stories” on your blog (about school, your family, and just how you spent the week) also has had such a wonderfully profound effect on my daughters. As I am sure you are learning, the power of Internet is strong, but the power of words are even stronger.

Thank you Joanna!!! Keep up the great work (in all that you do!).


P.S. I hope you are having a GREAT Birthday Week! !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!

Ok, there it is. I cried again re-reading this :) These girls are the best and knowing that I am helping them and we do not know each other personally makes my blog so much more special to me to have friends like this :)

I hope you all have a good rest of the day :)


Patty W said...

And this is how we feel too, JoAnna! This is the reason I let my daughter read your blog last week while she was on Spring Break. You are a smart, kind, compassionate young lady and so doggone talented!!

Hugs to you!

mochamama said...

You never know who is watching you and what kind of an impact you are making on their lives. I am thankful that you are making a good impact Joanne!

Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Oh so special!