Sunday, April 20, 2008

I have a quick post to share with you!!!

I want to you all to meet our puppies!!!!! They are 14 weeks now and they are growing fast and getting their own personalities :) They are so much fun.

This is "Dottie". She is sooooo cute!!!! She is such a love bug. She loves to be held and cuddled with. Dottie looks just like "Buddy" (their dad).

And this is "Minnie". She is alot smaller than her sister, but can hold her own :) She loves to hop around like a bunny rabbit, tooo cute!!! Minnie looks like "Bonny" (their mom).

They (of course) is getting spoiled rotten, LOL!!!!!

Ok, I am off to finish responding to my emails. I just had to show you these cute picture my mom got of them :) See you all tomorrow!!!


Patty W said...

OMgosh ! We so want a puppy! I'd love to have these...just too darn adorablE!

Melissa D. (SCS honeybee7896) said...

They are very cute JoAnna. I am sure they are very spoiled. I know that if they were in my house they would be spoiled as well.

April said...

OHhhh how adorable! I just want kiss them!

Debbie Olson said...

Oh, my ! I would love to cuddle one of these sweet puppies! They look a little dachsund-ish, but a little miniature Doberman Pinscher-ish as well. Whatever they are, they are the sweetest!