Thursday, November 8, 2007

"JoAnna's Jems" 11-8

**PLEASE NOTE*** I will leave this post at the top until I announce a winner. Please scroll down for new posts!!!!

It is "JoAnna's Jems" time!!!!!!

I can not believe that I have over 10,000 hits. THANK YOU to everyone that visits me everyday!!!!!!!

This "JoAnna's Jems" is going to be a little different. For this one you have to submit a project using coasters. I love coasters, they are so much fun to work with and you can create so many things with them.

The rules are easy, just make any type of project, but it has to have coasters somewhere on the project, you can make cards, alter ideas, anything you can think of.

Please leave a comment on this post with a link to your project or you can leave a comment and email me the photo of your project.

I will post the picture of the "JoAnna's Jems" later today or tomorrow. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!!!!

And now the deadline. Since my grandpa's birthday is November 16, I am going to make that the date, and it will give everyone time to get their project in.

Have fun, and I can not wait to see what everyone comes up with!!!!


CAKVD said...

Hello! Here is my project using coasters.


Kelley said...

Here is my coaster project. It was hard to pick just one.....I, too, love coasters!

Louise said...

Here is my project with coasters! Love working with coasters. Even more now that I can make holes in them in my Crop-a-dile!

thanks for looking:

Kristine said...

My project is up on my blog:

resmith said...

I emailed you a picture of my project. It was fun to do!!

Melissa said...

I am emailing you a picture of my project.