Friday, March 14, 2008

A Card with a Blessing

I am not liking this picture at all :( I made this card for a lady that her little baby is going thru alot of medical problems and I wanted to send her a card to let her know that I was thinking of her and her son and hope he gets well very soon. I really like the new colors that PaperTrey has come out with. I can not wait to see the new ones for March :)

I my gosh, I can not wait. My birthday is coming up and that means I get to have lots of giveaways to celebrate. I hope you will join me!!!


Patty W said...

That's a very sweet card, I know they will appreciate it!

Monica-FC said...

I think this card is great and she will love it. even if it isn't great just remmber it is the thought that counts when sending acard to someone. they always love them. :)