Friday, March 28, 2008

Acrylic Album Tutorial

Whoooo Hoooooo!!!!! I finally got this tutorial uploaded :) Thank you to everyone who has been soooooo patient with me. This is gonna be a long post. A VERY nice fellow blogger Melanie Menchinger taught me how to upload more than 5 pictures in one post!!!! Now you will all the info in one place, how cool is that??

Ok, so here goes....if you have ANY questions, leave me a comment or email me and I will answer them on this post. (you may not be the only one wondering, LOL!!!!)

I get all my materials for an acrylic albums from Kits2Remember. Jessica is wonderful and she ships fast. My mom & I are taking a class taught by her next month. It is gonna be fun. This is the company that I was trying out for the design team, but did not make it. It is ok tho, I am gonna keep trying :) This album is the 4x4 Friend's Acrylic Album Kit. It comes with the cover & back acrylic, paper, ribbon and embellishments. You need to have the Bind it All & wire. If you don't have a Bind it All, you can use the Crop A Dile to punch holes in the acrylic. (It works)

Ok, enough of my rambling on......I knew that I wanted the wire to be centered on the acrylic (it comes with this blue plastic over it to protect it), so I used my quilting ruler and found the center and marked a line with an ink pen, but do not push too hard, you will leave an impression on the acrylic.

Now you need to line it up in the Bind it All with the center line on your Bind It All.

Here are the cover and back after they are punched with the Bind It All.

Now is the fun part. You take off the blue plastic and decorate as you wish!!! The inner pages on this album is designer paper cut to 4x4, just like the acrylic pieces and punched with the Bind It All the same way (do not mark on the paper, I relined the acrylic pieces in the Bind It All with a couple of the pages at a time and punched). You can have all your pages acrylic if you want to, it is up to you.

After you have all your pages decorated, it is time to bind them all together. Stack up all the pages in the order that you want. Like in this picture, this is my cover with all the pages stacked under it.

Ok, I hope I can explain the next part ok, please let me know if it is too confusing. You take the back cover and flip it so it is on top of the front cover. It will be like you are reading the VERY last page of a book. This picture shows my back cover on top of my front cover. This part will make sense at the end of this tutorial.

Now you will insert the wire. I always lay the book over the edge of the table so that you can put the wire in with one motion. The you bind it with the Bind It All.

Here are my pictures of each of the pages in this book.

Front cover:

Back of the front cover & page 1:

back of page 1 & page 2:

back of page 2 & page 3:

back of page 3 & page 4:

back of page 4 & page 5:

back of page 5 & back cover:
(if you enlarge this picture, you will see the "seam" of the wire. It is hidden in the book.)

back of back cover:

So what do you think??????? These are sooo much fun to make. Make sure you check out Kits2Remember and tell Jessica that I sent you :) Trust me , you will not be disappointed and you will get hooked, just like I did :) I have other kits that I need to finish and I found some new acrylic shapes that she just got in that I am trying to get my mom to get me, hehehehe.

I hope you enjoyed this long tutorial. I hope it is worth it :)


Melissa D. (SCS honeybee7896) said...

I love this album. I think I might have to try an acrylic album. It looks fun and easy.
Thanks for the tutorial. It was great. A little difficult to understand at first but then at the end it all clicked, thanks. I a big picture kind of gal so nothing really makes sense to me until I get to the end :D

Patty W said...

This is great !

Debbie Olson said...

You did a fabulous job on this, Johanna! I might just have to go buy some of those acrylic pieces. . .

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