Monday, February 18, 2008

Our baby Puppies Update

I wanted to give an update on our new babies in the house. The puppies are growing sooooo fast. There eyes are already opened and they are trying ot walk around that it is funny to watch. They are 5 weeks today, boy has time gone by fast with them. They are still really small for their age and will not be starting solid food for a bit longer. We lost 2 of the puppies and my moms baby Bonny(puppies mother), it was VERY sad and very hard to deal with. My mom had them buried all next to eachother so that she put flowers with them. I think she is going to make little stepping stones with their names to put above them. My mom said we are going to keep the two we have left. I do not think she can let them go after everything she has been thru with them. I will have to try and get a better picture of them standing on thier legs, cause they look way to small to be doing that.

I will be back later today with some projects I am finishing up. My World History teacher is going to a different school and we are having a surprise party for him tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a good Monday!!!!

I almost forgot... I have noticed that my visits has almost reached 50,000!!! I think I need to give away some "JoAnna's Jems" real soon. I have to start thinking of the prize :)


Lorie said...

Oh, no! I didn't know the puppies mama died too. I'm so sorry! I am looking forward to seeing your creations though!

April said...

They are so precious!! The puppies mom died?? No way, that's beyond sad :(

resmith said...

These puppies sure have had a rough start. I don't think I would want to let them go either.
So sad about the other puppies and their mother.